Brothers & Sisters Concert

Esselte VCL --- AKA Brothers & Sisters in Concert / Save the Children


Captain Apache

Esselte VCL --- AKA Captain Apache / The Guns of April Morning / Capitão Apache / Капитан Апачи / ...

Clutch Of Power (The)

Esselte VCL --- AKA Dao hun / Son of Wu Tang / Le tigre du kung fu / The ...

Delta Factor (The)

Esselte VCL --- AKA The Delta Factor / Utan förbarmande / Mickey Spillane's The Delta Factor / Ei armoa ...


Dragon Lives Again (The)

Esselte VCL --- AKA Li san jiao wei zhen di yu men / The Dragon Lives Again / Deadly ...

Fast Company

Esselte VCL --- AKA Fast Company


General Stone

Esselte VCL --- AKA Shi san tai bao Li Cun Xiao / General Stone / Les guerriers de la ...

Giants Of Brazil

Esselte VCL --- AKA Heading for Glory / Oranje's jacht op wereldgoud


Gulliver’s Travels

Esselte VCL --- AKA Gulliver's Travels / Gullivers resor / Gulliver hos Lilleputtarna / Sagan om Gullivers resor / ...


High Energy

Esselte VCL --- AKA High Energy The Supremes / Mary Wilson and 'The Supremes'


Leroy Gomez Gypsy Woman

Esselte VCL Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood / Lady Let Me Change Your Mind / Fooling You ...


Living Form-the beauty of living art

Esselte VCL --- AKA Living Form-the beauty of living art

Love Machine (The)

Esselte VCL --- AKA The Love Machine


Mysterious Heroes (The)

Esselte VCL --- AKA Yin xia en chou lu / Wu Tang Swordsman / Nan long bei feng xi ...

New Censation Vintage

Esselte VCL Cabaret / Sweet Caroline / Feelings / The Way We Were AKA New Censation   Vintage


Once Upon a Wheel

Esselte VCL --- AKA Once Upon a Wheel / Os Gigantes da Fórmula 1 / Once Upon a Wheel ...

Pancho Villa

Esselte VCL --- AKA Pancho Villa / Pancho banditen / Blodig revolt / Vendetta / Pancho bandiitti. / Γεννημένος ...

Poor Glassblower (The)

Esselte VCL --- AKA Den Fattige Glasblåsaren


Esselte VCL Evertasting Love / Love will  keep us Together / Full of Fire/ Loving You /Touch ...


Tina Turner On Stage

Esselte VCL The Bitch Is Back / Crazy Cajun Cake Walk Band / Hot Legs / Nutbush ...


Two In Black Belt

Esselte VCL --- AKA Hei dai hen / Karateka contre Dragon